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Horseback Riding

"Karen is multi-lingual and has beautiful horses that can be hired for one of the best and most magical horse excursions I have ever been on. If going through the mango trees and coffee fields and deserted beaches is your dream, Karin can provide it. She also is an encyclopedia of knowledge on all of the wonderful treasures that are hidden throughout Las Galeras."

Help horses, dogs and cats


Horse riding is one of the best ways to experience Las Galeras. Many say it is the highlight of their visit to the Dominican Republic.

Safety for both you and the horses is foremost in Karin's mind, making most trips suitable for beginners or experienced riders. Karin has horses suitable for all levels and employs local boys who stay next to children and anyone needing extra care.

Learn about Las Galeras and the Dominican Republic and the people, plants and animals who inhabit the countryside.

Karin specializes in personalized horse trips.

Read on - the trips can be as gentle or as hard core as you like. (Hint - Hard core can skip to the bottom of the page.)


Half Day Trips -Prices are per person

Playa Madama

Cost USD 55.00

9 am to 1 pm


Playa Madama is a small, almost private, beach. You can have a swim, snorkel and beach comb. You will visit a big cave and see beautiful stalactites and stalagmites and discover Taino ceramics. The Taino are the original people of the Dominican Republic. You will walk to a viewpoint over the beach and get to taste coconut, picked from the wild, at its various stages of maturity.




land based whale watching


Cost USD 45.00

9 am to 12


From Punto there are 360° views over the countryside and the bays of Las Galeras and Samana. It is a perfect place to get your bearings and a taste for all the great hikes that are possible in the area.

You often see whales from the purpose built whale watch tower during January to March.


On the way to Punto you will pass by small productive farm lands where you will see planting methods of the Taino, now being advocated by organic/permaculture farmers. (for example - the three sisters - corns, beans and squash.)



Traditional village in Dominican Republic

Mountain Village
Cost USD 60.00
9 am to 1 pm

This trip takes you to an authentic village where you get to see how the people of Las Galeras really live. You will visit a typical house and enjoy a fresh fruit drink. You will see what the local people plant in their kitchen gardens for cooking, teas, and medicinal purposes.



Full Day Trips-price per person

Playa Rincon

Cost USD 75.00

9.30 am - 4 pm


This trip starts along typical country roads to reach the beautiful beaches of Playa Colorado, Playa Breman and finally the famous beach of Playa Rincon.

At Playa Rincon you will enjoy a typical dominican hot meal (chicken or fish) and be able to see a mangrove river.


Farm visit in the Dominican Republic

Playa Madama& Farm

Cost USD 75.00 (USD 70 from 4 persons)

9.30 am - 4 pm

A full day trip includes all the activities of the half day trip to Playa Madama plus a picnic lunch and a visit to a typical farm. At the farm you will have afternoon tea or coffee produced at the farm, and a tour of the farm to see the crops and animals.


Punto & Mountain Village

Cost USD 75.00

9 am to 4.30 pm

A full day trip includes all the activities of a half day trip to the mountain village plus a trip to Punto and a picnic lunch.


view fronton

Playa Fronton

Cost USD 90.00

9 am to 5 pm

This trip includes a horseback ride to the cliff above the beach and a hike to a beautiful viewpoint through a diverse eco system where you could see an iguana or the whales in season. On the steep climb down to the beach you will visit a cave. Playa Fronton is a good beach for snorkeling.





Overnight Trips- Per person

Playa Madama

cost USD 170

In addition to the half day trip, after the horse ride, you will spend time on the beach and have a camp fire at night. The next day you will hike to a farm and have your coffee and breakfast after visiting the place. All meals, drinks and tents are provided.



Playa Fronton

cost USD 250 (USD 200 for three or more)

In addition to the day trip activities, you will sleep on a deserted beach in a tent. The next day you will hike, for about an hour, from the beach to Boca Del Diablo (the mouth of the devil). All meals and tents are provided.

This is a Wild adventure and unique life experience not for the faint hearted - you have been warned!


Experienced riders may be able to arrange to hire a horse for the duration of their stay. Please enquire in advance.

"Their respect for, knowledge, and care of their animals and the neighborhood have impressed me deeply."


Phone 1.829 9398285, Email: info@lahaciendahostel.com

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